Plates Eatery is one of Courtenay's most popular restaurants.

How many times have you spotted a particularly interesting looking license plate and wondered... Who's driving? What's it like where they live? What are they doing here?

plates_interior.jpgPlates license plate collection began with Steve Swing's grandfather's first plate which came from his Model A Ford in 1933. Since then Steve's collection grew, becoming what you see in Plates Eatery today.

"Many of the license plates have been donated by our customers who have special memories linked to their plates," says Steve. "These donated plates represent lives well lived; marked by a year spent in Europe with the Armed forces, or in memory of a first car. We have heard many wonderful stories, and appreciate every plate in the collection. License plates have always held a certain fascination for both the young and old," he added.

The Plates Eaterey and Catering Company owners have spent their working lives in the restaurant business, always looking for new and innovative ways of providing great food at great prices. The Plates concept has long been Steve Swing's dream and since April 2000, has been his reality. Little did Steve's grandfather know that his collection of plates from his garage wall would turn into what it is today!

Open 7am to 3pm, 7 days a week.
Roast Beef & Yorkshire Buffet every Thursday evening starting at 4:30pm.

Come in for breakfast or lunch seven days a week.
We hope you enjoy the ambiance and good food!

- Bayne Mann & Steve Swing

Temporarily Closed due to Covid19 in order to keep our staff and families as safe as possible.

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